christ church cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

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It is worth taking a short walk from the main street to see the stained glass windows of this cathedral, which was built in 1837, when Nassau officially became a city. The white pillars of the church’s spacious and airy interior load-bearing ceilings are covered with dark wood handcrafted by shipbuilders. The Crucifixion, depicted in the central panel of the east window, is flanked by representations of the Empty Tomb and the Ascension.


Don’t forget to spend a few minutes in the small garden of remembrance, filled with flowers, where stone plaques decorate the walls. Sunday mass is held at 7:30, 9, 11:15 and 18:00. Stop by the cathedral on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to see the church at night and listen to the music and choir.

George and King Sts.
Nassau, New Providence Island Bahamas