Climate There are two climatic seasons in Guadeloupe: Lent, a very dry season that begins at the start of the year (February or March, depending on the year), and Wintering, a hot, rainy, cyclone-prone period that begins in September. Annual temperatures generally vary between 19°C and 32°C.Read More →

musee schoelcher pointe pitre

The Schoelcher Museum stands today to honor a man who fought fervently for the abolition of slavery, not only in Guadeloupe, but throughout the Caribbean. The museum was opened in the 19th century with the purpose of displaying works of art, and it still does so to some extent, withRead More →

jardin botanique

The Botanical Garden of Deshaies is located on a 7-hectare property, which belonged to the humorist Coluche. He bought the property in 1979. Today, his house has been completely rebuilt. It is to the previous owner, Guy Blandin, that we owe the great variety of rare plants present in theRead More →

By sea, regular connections are provided to the dependencies and nearby islands. In Guadeloupe, departures are made from the dock of Pointe à Pitre for Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, and Désirade, from Trois Rivières for Les Saintes, and from Saint François for Marie-Galante and Désirade. Thus, Marie-Galante and Les Saintes areRead More →

musee saint john perse

This museum is located in the Souques-Pagès house, one of the most beautiful colonial homes in Pointe-à-Pitre where the owners of the Darboussier sugar factory once lived. In fact, there is only one other house identical to this one, the Habitation Zévallos in Moule. Surprising by its very worked balconyRead More →

Palmiers Guadeloupe

The period from -700 BC to the year 1000 saw the gradual settlement of the island by the first Amerindians who came by pirogue from Venezuela. These were the Igneris or Arawaks. From the year 1000 to 1400, coming from the continent like their predecessors, the Caribbean was much moreRead More →

Population Guadeloupe has more than 400,000 inhabitants. Its population is rich in a mix of African, European, Indian and Caribbean ethnicities.The first civilizations of Guadeloupe : The Arawaks The first inhabitants of the West Indies were the Arawaks or Tainos, an Indian people originally from South America. Sedentary, peaceful andRead More →

The island of Guadeloupe, the islands of Marie Galante, La Désirade, Les Saintes, Saint Barth. and Saint Martin make up the archipelago of Guadeloupe which, as a whole, extends over 1780km. Geography Situated at 16° north latitude and 60° west longitude, the island of Guadeloupe is 7,000 km from France,Read More →