Trafalgar Falls dominicaine

Trafalgar Falls

Located in the western part of Morne Trois-Piton National Park (which is about 10 kms (6 miles) from Roseau, wonderful restaurants, a waterfall in this park are the largest and most popular attractions on the island. In addition, they are extremely impressive, but they are also easily accessible to most walkers and adventurers who seek them out. The upper waterfall, (which in the language known as “Father”) of the waterfalls, descends steeply from a river to three pythons, the Italian of the gorge, and the hot springs of sulfur, and below the waterfall (“Mama”), slopes gently down from the Chai, a natural pool.

The park has the usual amenities, including private bathrooms and private parking. Join the local youth, and run around the park entrance, or at the foot of the falls, offering guided tours. Don’t forget to take them up on their offer. Anyway, an entrance to the park costs more, most of them are likely to be excessive. The waterfall is a short walk away. If you have not yet decided to purchase a round trip, remember that you will need to agree on payment for the trip before it is accepted.

A trip to Trafalgar Falls costs only $14 per person, or you can purchase a week-long version of all the national parks in this limited area for $33. The latter tour will give you the opportunity to visit the falls in the early morning or evening. Thus, to avoid the heat during the day, and can be the main attraction for tourists. (There is a very busy waterfall when the ferry goes to Roseau.) Also remember to bring a bathing suit, swim trunks and comfortable shoes.

Paillotte Road, Dominica