History of Guadeloupe


Population Guadeloupe has more than 400,000 inhabitants. Its population is rich in a mix of African, European, Indian and Caribbean ethnicities.The first civilizations of Guadeloupe : The Arawaks The first inhabitants of the West Indies were the Arawaks or Tainos, an Indian people originally from South America. Sedentary, peaceful andRead More →



The island of Guadeloupe, the islands of Marie Galante, La Désirade, Les Saintes, Saint Barth. and Saint Martin make up the archipelago of Guadeloupe which, as a whole, extends over 1780km. Geography Situated at 16° north latitude and 60° west longitude, the island of Guadeloupe is 7,000 km from France,Read More →

National Library of Cuba

National Library of Cuba


This enclosure is in the field of constructions surrounding the seat of the revolution, but the institution as such was founded on October 18, 1901. Its initial location, among all those it had, was in the Castle of the Force and consisted of barely 3,151 volumes. It was not untilRead More →



Christopher Columbus, in his quest to find a westward route to India stumbled on the territories of America, a continent then unknown to the Europeans, and reached the shores of Cuba on October 27, 1492, where he is reported to have said “this is the most beautiful land my eyesRead More →

musee beaux arts havane

National Museum Palace of Fine Arts


The Havana Museum of Fine Arts is housed in two separate buildings. Works by Cuban artists are exhibited in a magnificent modernist building south of the Museum of the Revolution. On the other hand, on the five floors of a baroque building east of the Central Park, former seat ofRead More →

Basilica of Saint Frances of Assisi

Basilica of Saint Frances of Assisi


Located in an old convent dating back to 1734, is this combination of both museum and church. The spacious building itself is a wonderful example of eighteenth century architecture, with a display that includes many old paintings, some of which come from abroad. There are a number of religious statuesRead More →



Martinique is a piece of France in the Southern Caribbean: on the surface, the centuries of French occupation are very obvious, but look closer and you will discover its Caribbean soul. Located just north of Trinidad and Tobago, this beautiful island will enchant you with its unique blend of beaches,Read More →